‘Disgusting and tepid’: Ryanair passenger slams ‘saddest’ lasagne served on budget flight

A Ryanair passenger aimed fire at what she claimed was the “soggiest, saddest” ever lasagne, served to her on a recent flight.

Sarah Wilson, from North Devon, sent back the “lukewarm and soggy” vegan lasagne – but claimed the second meal ended up being just as bad as the first.

She said she was unable to eat the inflight meal that she paid ?5.20 for during a Vienna-Bristol service with Europe’s biggest budget airline.

Ms Wilson shared a photo of the first lasagne, which was topped with unmelted, thick, white vegan cheese.

It was a stark contrast to the “appetising” picture of the lasagne that was advertised.

Promotional photos show the vegetable lasagne with a thick, tomato-based sauce and browned melted cheese on top.

The advertising also states that the lasagne won a travel award from animal rights charity Peta in 2019. Vegan Futures reported in 2020 that the dish was a “bestseller”.

On the Ryanair menu, the meal is described as: “Delicious gluten-free lasagne with roasted vegetables and a soy b?chamel sauce.”

However, Ms Wilson claimed the dish was inedible and suggested that it looked ready to be binned.

She said the dish was “the soggiest, saddest, greyest looking mush”.

Tagginf Ryanair, she tweeted: “You need to review your food choice of vegan lasagne, first one served was lukewarm and soggy – sent back.”

In a second tweet, she said: “Second served up was hotter but still soggy, nothing like the picture on the cardboard sleeve.”

“I was coming back from Vienna and I felt a bit peckish so I went to order a meal,” Ms Wilson added, reports the Daily Mail.

“From the packet the lasagne looked quite appetising and quite delicious. When it came out it was disgusting and tepid.

“I said, ‘this doesn’t appear to be cooked’, and I asked them to heat it up properly.

“They came back with a second new one and it was just as bad and I couldn’t eat it.

“I opened it up and thought, Jesus, I can’t eat this, I wasn’t impressed at all. It was the soggiest, saddest, greyest looking mush. I just thought it was adding insult to injury.

“It looked nothing like what it was on the packet and I know Ryanair is a budget airline but can they not offer a vegetarian alternative?

“Can they not advertise that when it’s just not what you get? It’s shoddy.”

The Independent has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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